Reference Projects


Please note: The references mentioned below are from non or partially classified projects. Information on classified projects can only be made available on a case per case basis and requires customers' approval. Based on the classification level chosen by the customer, it is possible that even basic information cannot be made available to organisations requesting such.




Development of the technical entry examination for the accredited auditors' training class.



Supporting the customer in an audit on governance of outsourced IT-services based on COBIT.

Österreichische Nationalbank

Austrian National Bank

Creation of a strategic study evaluating different options to use VPN terminals for teleworking under multi-functional requirements.

Austrian Federal IT Center

Creation of all high-level security policies relevant for ISO 17799 (ISO 27001) certification.


Sophisticated social engineering tests at selected international locations.

T-Systems MMS GmbH

Project manager in the OBSOC source code review managing the part of the review dealing with the code parts exploited by the attacker.

information security. delivered.

Execution of a Comprehensive Security Check© and Recruiting of the Information Security Officer.

Slovenska Sporitelna

Creation of a strategic study on the design and implementation of an intrusion detection system evaluating available options.

Gasteig GmbH

Creation of a strategic study to find answers for a combined technical/economic problem situation.


i.s.c. and EGOS cooperate since 2001. In 2001 i.s.c. executed all UNIX training classes and since then designs classes and workshops in regard to information and IT security. Since 2005 i.s.c. takes care of high level security classes for ISO 27001 and related topics and since 2007 also conducts ITIL foundation classes.

Bull AG

i.s.c. was contracted by Bull AG to develop Aleph-1, an easy to use, compact encryption tool delivering sufficient transmission security for critical customer communication.

British Telecom

i.s.c. conducted a comprehensive technical, economic and strategic audit of a public-sector security outsourcing solution.

King Fahad Security College

i.s.c. designed and established KFSC's training class on IT forensics and trained the very first group of IT investigations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


i.s.c. conducted a Comprehensive Security Check© and served in an advising role on the introduction of managed security.

CIS GmbH / ICL Certifications

As part of a joint project i.s.c. served on the auditing team of the ISO 17799 audit of India's Federal Reserve Bank in Mumbai.


University of Business and Technology / Prishtina, Kosovo

Design and execution of a training class on ITILV3 and ISO27001 for a public sector customer.