Vision, Mission, Values and Meaning


Our vision is that companies and people can live in a world free from information security threats and cyber crime.

Our mission is to assist customers in achieving their desired or required level of information security and to assist them in handling a severe information security breach or economic crime/cyber crime. We commit to being best in class for the services we provide.

We operate in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner, offer the highest degree of dependability possible and offer and expect fairness in all our dealings.

i.s.c.'s employees find a unique, and superior working environment that guarantees that employees can grow, deliver, and constantly expand their personal horizon. i.s.c. offers unique benefits and top of class pay.

We believe that the right level of security can help to guarantee maintaining the values our forefathers fought for for ~300 years and that the values of enlightenment and humanism are universal and worthy of our attention. i.s.c. recognizes that it is part of the societies we operate in and engages in non-profit and charity projects. If you think your project qualifies to take part in our progress through engagement programme, please contact us.